RRB NTPC Exam Day 2024: Dos and Don’ts for Success

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Dos and Don’ts for RRB NTPC Exam Day – The Railways NTPC Exam is a highly competitive examination that requires thorough preparation and strategic planning.

While it is essential to focus on the study materials and revision techniques leading up to the exam, it is equally important to be well-prepared for the actual exam day.

This article will provide a comprehensive guide to the dos and don’ts for Railways NTPC Exam Day 2024, helping candidates make the most of their efforts and maximize their chances of success.

1. RRB NTPC 2024 Highlights

Information Details
NTPC Full Form Non-Technical Popular Categories (NTPC)
Name of the Organization Railway Recruitment Board (RRB)
Exam Level National
Mode of Application Online
Application Fees General Category: ₹500
SC/ ST/ Ex-serviceman/ Women/ Minorities/ Physically handicapped candidates: ₹250
Exam Mode Online (CBT)
Exam Duration 2 Hours
Exam Category (1) Under-Graduate Level posts
(2) Graduate Level posts
Stages of Exam/Selection Process (1) CBT-1
(2) CBT-2
(3) Typing skill Test/ CBAT
(4) Document Verification/ Medical Exam
Medium/Language of Exam 15 Languages
Official Website https://indianrailways.gov.in/

2. Dos for Railways NTPC Exam Day

1. Plan Ahead

  • Arrival Time: Plan to arrive at the exam center well before the reporting time mentioned in your admit card. This provides a buffer for any potential delays due to traffic, unexpected circumstances, or last-minute formalities.

2. Adhere to Exam Guidelines:

  • Admit Card and ID Proof: Always carry your admit card and a valid photo ID. These are non-negotiable requirements for entering the examination center.
  • Essential Items: Ensure you have essential items such as pens, pencils, erasers, and any other materials required for the exam.

3. Stay Calm and Composed:

  • Deep Breathing: Incorporate deep breathing exercises or mindfulness techniques to manage pre-exam jitters effectively.
  • Positive Mindset: Cultivate a positive mindset by reminding yourself of the hard work you’ve put into preparation.

4. Familiarize Yourself with the Question Paper:

  • Read Instructions: Carefully read the instructions provided on the question paper. This helps you avoid unnecessary mistakes due to misunderstanding.
  • Question Pattern: Spend a few moments scanning through the question paper to get an overview of the question types and their distribution.

5. Manage Your Time:

  • Time Allocation: Develop a rough time allocation plan for each section based on their difficulty and weightage. Stick to this plan during the exam to avoid time-related stress.

6. Start with Easy Questions:

  • Confidence Boost: Begin with questions that you find relatively easy. This boosts your confidence and allows you to accumulate marks quickly.

7. Maintain Focus:

  • Stay Present: Concentrate solely on the question you are working on. Avoid thinking about the previous questions or worrying about upcoming ones.

8. Stay Hydrated and Energized:

  • Water and Snacks: Keep a bottle of water and some light, energy-boosting snacks with you. Staying hydrated and nourished helps maintain your energy levels.

9. Review Your Answers:

  • Review Time: Set aside a few minutes at the end to review your answers. Check for any unanswered questions, errors, or incomplete responses.
  • Error Correction: Rectify any mistakes you might have made during the initial attempt.

10. Follow Ethical Conduct:

  • Honesty: Answer questions truthfully and avoid any form of cheating or dishonest behavior.
  • Integrity: Uphold the integrity of the examination by adhering to ethical standards.

3. Don’ts for Railways NTPC Exam Day

1. Procrastinate

  • Last-Minute Study: Avoid cramming new information on the exam day. Focus on revising and boosting your confidence instead.

2. Oversleep:

  • Alarm Set: Set multiple alarms to ensure you wake up on time. Oversleeping can lead to grogginess and hinder your performance.

3. Rushing:

  • Hasty Start: Avoid rushing through your morning routine. Begin your day calmly to set a positive tone.

4. Ignoring Health:

  • Skipping Meals: Never skip breakfast. A nutritious meal fuels your brain for optimal performance.
  • Overeating: Avoid heavy meals that can make you feel sluggish.

5. Panic and Stress:

  • Negative Thoughts: Refrain from dwelling on negative scenarios. Focus on your preparation and abilities.
  • Last-Minute Changes: Stick to your chosen strategy and study plan. Avoid making sudden changes.

6. Overthinking:

  • Second Guessing: Once you’ve selected an answer, avoid changing it unless you are certain it is incorrect.

7. Overuse of Technology:

  • Last-Minute Research: Avoid the temptation to browse or search for information related to the exam on the morning of the test.

8. Arriving Late:

  • Last-Minute Rush: Plan your travel and commute in advance to avoid arriving at the exam center late.

9. Ignoring Instructions:

  • Skipping Instructions: Read and understand all instructions on the question paper. Ignoring them can lead to avoidable errors.

10. Negative Energy:

  • Negative Influences: Steer clear of conversations with individuals who might spread negativity or anxiety.
  • Self-Doubt: Keep self-doubt at bay by focusing on your preparation and abilities.


The Railways NTPC Exam is a crucial step for candidates aspiring to secure a job in the Indian Railways.

By following the dos and don’ts mentioned in this article, candidates can approach the exam day with confidence, focus, and preparedness.

It is essential to maintain a calm and positive mindset, manage time effectively, and prioritize accuracy while attempting the questions.

With proper planning, practice, and adherence to the guidelines, candidates can increase their chances of success and achieve their goals in the Railways NTPC Exam 2024.

Dos and Don’ts for Railways NTPC Exam Day FAQs

What are the dos for the Railways NTPC exam day?

Here are some dos for the exam day:

  • Arrive Early: Reach the exam center well before the reporting time to avoid any last-minute stress.
  • Carry Admit Card and ID: Ensure you have your admit card and a valid photo ID (Aadhar card, passport, etc.).
  • Follow Dress Code: Dress comfortably in accordance with the prescribed dress code, if any.
  • Read Instructions: Carefully read the instructions provided on the question paper and the computer screen.
  • Stay Calm: Stay calm, take deep breaths, and manage your time effectively during the exam.

What are the don'ts for the Railways NTPC exam day?

Here are some don'ts for the exam day:

  • Don't Be Late: Avoid arriving late as you might not be allowed to enter the exam hall.
  • Don't Forget Essentials: Don't forget to carry essential documents and materials like stationery, a transparent water bottle, etc.
  • Don't Panic: Don't panic if you encounter a challenging question. Move on and come back to it later if needed.
  • Don't Discuss: Avoid discussing questions with other candidates during the exam as it can distract you.
  • Don't Overthink: Don't overthink or change your answers too frequently; trust your preparation.

Can I carry a mobile phone to the Railways NTPC exam center?

It's generally advisable not to carry a mobile phone to the exam center as they are usually not allowed inside. Follow the instructions provided by the exam authorities.

Can I bring a rough sheet for calculations in the Railways NTPC exam?

Yes, most exam centers provide rough sheets for calculations during the exam. Use these sheets for rough work and calculations.

Is it allowed to leave the Railways NTPC exam hall before the exam ends?

Candidates are usually not allowed to leave the exam hall before the exam ends. Follow the instructions of the invigilators and complete the exam as per the specified time.

Adhering to these dos and don'ts on the exam day will help you stay focused, calm, and perform to the best of your abilities in the Railways NTPC exam.


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