RRB NTPC Syllabus 2024: Your Comprehensive Study Guide

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rrb ntpc syllabus

RRB NTPC Syllabus 2024 – The Railway Recruitment Board (RRB) conducts the Non-Technical Popular Categories (NTPC) examination to fill various non-technical positions in the Indian Railways.

To excel in the exam, candidates must have a thorough understanding of the RRB NTPC syllabus.

In this article, we will provide a comprehensive guide to the RRB NTPC syllabus for the year 2024, covering the exam topics for each section and offering a preparation strategy to enhance your chances of success.

1. RRB NTPC 2024 Highlights

Information Details
NTPC Full Form Non-Technical Popular Categories (NTPC)
Name of the Organization Railway Recruitment Board (RRB)
Exam Level National
Mode of Application Online
Application Fees General Category: ₹500
SC/ ST/ Ex-serviceman/ Women/ Minorities/ Physically handicapped candidates: ₹250
Exam Mode Online (CBT)
Exam Duration 2 Hours
Exam Category (1) Under-Graduate Level posts
(2) Graduate Level posts
Stages of Exam/Selection Process (1) CBT-1
(2) CBT-2
(3) Typing skill Test/ CBAT
(4) Document Verification/ Medical Exam
Medium/Language of Exam 15 Languages
Official Website https://indianrailways.gov.in/

Overview of RRB NTPC Exam

Before delving into the syllabus, it’s important to understand the structure and pattern of the RRB NTPC exam.

The exam consists of multiple stages, including the Computer-Based Test (CBT), Typing Skill Test/Computer-Based Aptitude Test (as applicable), and Document Verification/Medical Examination.

The CBT is further divided into two stages: CBT-1 and CBT-2. Each stage has a different syllabus and examination pattern.

Overview of RRB NTPC Syllabus

The RRB NTPC syllabus encompasses four key subjects: Mathematics, General Intelligence & Reasoning, General Awareness, and General Science.

These subjects are strategically chosen to evaluate a candidate’s quantitative, analytical, and general awareness skills, making the syllabus a reflection of the competencies required for the railway sector.

RRB NTPC Syllabus for CBT-1

CBT-1 comprises various sections, including General Awareness, Mathematics, General Intelligence and Reasoning, and General Science. Let’s explore the syllabus for each section:

General Awareness: Current events, Indian History, Indian Geography, Indian Economy, General Science, General Polity, Indian Culture, Indian Constitution, Sports, Awards, and Honors.

Example: Who is the current Prime Minister of India? Solution: The current Prime Minister of India is Narendra Modi.

Mathematics: Number System, Decimals, Fractions, LCM, HCF, Ratio and Proportion, Percentage, Mensuration, Time and Work, Time and Distance, Simple and Compound Interest, Profit and Loss, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Elementary Statistics, Square Root, Age Calculations, Calendar and Clock, and Data Interpretation.

Example: Solve: (3/5) * (15/4) = ? Solution: (3/5) * (15/4) = (3 * 15) / (5 * 4) = 45 / 20 = 2.25

General Intelligence and Reasoning: Analogies, Classification, Coding and Decoding, Blood Relations, Alphabetical and Number Series, Venn Diagrams, Mathematical Operations, Syllogism, Directions, Analytical Reasoning, Non-Verbal Reasoning, and Verbal Reasoning.

Example: If APPLE is coded as 52053, how is ORANGE coded? Solution: O=15, R=18, A=1, N=14, G=7, E=5. So, ORANGE is coded as 151817145.

General Science: Physics, Chemistry, and Biology up to the 10th standard level.

Example: What is the chemical symbol for oxygen? Solution: The chemical symbol for oxygen is “O.”

RRB NTPC Syllabus for CBT-2

CBT-2 also consists of various sections, including General Awareness, Mathematics, General Intelligence and Reasoning, and General Science.

However, the level of difficulty in CBT-2 is slightly higher. The syllabus for CBT-2 is similar to that of CBT-1, but with more in-depth questions and advanced concepts.

Preparation Strategy

To effectively prepare for the RRB NTPC exam, candidates should follow a systematic preparation strategy. Here are some tips:

Understand the syllabus: Go through the detailed syllabus and create a study plan that covers all the topics systematically.

Gather study material: Collect relevant study materials, including textbooks, reference books, and online resources, to cover each section of the syllabus.

Practice previous year papers: Solve previous year question papers and sample papers to understand the exam pattern, time management, and types of questions asked.

Take mock tests: Attempt mock tests regularly to assess your preparation level, identify strengths and weaknesses, and improve your speed and accuracy.

Focus on weak areas: Identify the sections or topics where you face difficulties and allocate more time and effort to improve in those areas.

Revision: Regularly revise the concepts, formulas, and important topics to ensure they are retained in your memory.

Stay updated: Keep yourself updated with current affairs and latest developments in various fields, as the General Awareness section covers current events.

Time management: Divide your study time effectively among different sections, giving more time to areas that require more attention.

Maintain a healthy routine: Take care of your physical and mental well-being by getting adequate sleep, eating nutritious food, and practicing relaxation techniques.

Importance of Covering the Entire Syllabus:

Each section of the syllabus contributes to a candidate’s overall score. Neglecting any section could lead to missed opportunities.

For instance, focusing solely on Mathematics without adequately preparing for General Awareness might result in a lower overall score.

How to Create a Study Plan Based on the Syllabus:

A well-structured study plan that covers all subjects is essential. Here’s an example of a weekly plan:

Day Subject(s) Covered
Day 1-2 Mathematics
Day 3-4 General Intelligence & Reasoning
Day 5-6 General Awareness
Day 7 General Science


The RRB NTPC syllabus for 2024 covers a wide range of topics in different sections. To excel in the exam, candidates must have a clear understanding of the syllabus and follow a systematic preparation strategy.

By focusing on each section, practicing regularly, and staying updated with current affairs, candidates can enhance their chances of success.

Remember to manage your time effectively, revise regularly, and maintain a positive attitude throughout the preparation journey.

With dedication and consistent effort, you can confidently approach the RRB NTPC exam and strive for a successful outcome.

RRB NTPC Syllabus FAQs

What subjects are included in the RRB NTPC syllabus?

The RRB NTPC syllabus generally includes the following subjects:

  • General Awareness
  • Mathematics
  • General Intelligence & Reasoning

What topics are covered under General Awareness in the RRB NTPC syllabus?

The General Awareness section covers topics related to Current Affairs, General Knowledge, History, Geography, Indian Polity, Economy, Science, Awards, Sports, and other important national and international events.

Which topics fall under the Mathematics section of the RRB NTPC syllabus?

The Mathematics section includes topics such as Number System, Percentages, Ratio and Proportion, Time and Distance, Simple and Compound Interest, Profit and Loss, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Statistics, and more.

What does the General Intelligence & Reasoning section of the RRB NTPC syllabus cover?

The General Intelligence & Reasoning section covers topics like Analogies, Classification, Coding-Decoding, Puzzle-based questions, Syllogism, Blood Relations, Direction Sense, Mathematical Operations, Series, Non-Verbal Reasoning, and more.

Is there a specific syllabus for the Skill Test/Aptitude Test in the RRB NTPC selection process?

Yes, for job roles that require a Skill Test (Typing Test) or Aptitude Test, there is a specific syllabus. The details of this syllabus are usually provided in the official notification and will be relevant to the specific job role.

Please note that the syllabus details can vary from one recruitment cycle to another. Always refer to the official RRB notification and instructions for the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding the RRB NTPC syllabus. The answers provided are based on information available up to September 2021.


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